Explaining Parkinsons to Children


How do you explain Parkinsons Disease to a child?

I have written a couple of articles about children and dementia and highlighted several useful tools to help. I have recently saw an article talking about explaining Parkinsons disease to children and wanted to share this with you.

Virgina Ironside, British journalist, author and agony aunt has written four illustrated books for Parkinsons UK. There is My Grandad, my Mum, my Gran and my Dad …. has Parkinsons.

These books are free to download and are also available as a paper copy. Having read the downloadable copies I would highly suggest you order a paper copy. They illustrations by Matthew Dodd are really great and colourful and the books “Work”.

Children whilst super fast at absorbing new information, also need something reassuring which I feel the paper copy provides. The Books are aimed at children aged 3-7  with a parent or grandparent with the disease. With over 6.3 million people have Parkinsons disease worldwide with 15% developing it before the age of 50. For those developing the disease early these guides are a good way to share thoughts and feeling with young children who would find technical medical terms more difficult.


To order your free paper copy visit parkinsons.org.uk using my link or you can call 0845 121 2354 or email resources@parkinsons.org.uk





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