Christmas Pudding

a flaming christmas pudding with a blue flame engulfing most of it


Christmas Pudding and stir up Sunday

Christmas is nearly upon us once again as the days in November  fly by. Did you know that next Sunday, the 22nd  is Stir-up Sunday. Did you also know that nearly two-thirds of British children have never stirred a Christmas Pudding ?

In today’s fast life of everything being bought ready made the tradition is slowly fading. I have to admit I have only made a Christmas Pudding once and my sons did help me stir it. Without being conceited it was the best Christmas Pudding ever – probably because it was made with love and had a real silver sixpence in it.

If you have children or grandchildren, keep this tradition alive and make the best Christmas Pudding whilst letting  the children enjoy the fun of creation.

This could also be a good reminiscence exercise for anyone caring for someone with dementia, many of whom would have always made their puddings

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