by Caron on October 8, 2017



Whilst my blog may not be the most amazing, it is written with passion and consideration. You will therefore appreciate how delighted ( not) I was to receive this email.
Dear business owner of,
You can’t expect your website to increase your revenue with so many errors. Many business owners get puzzled as their website isn’t performing well, while others’ are flourishing. That’s unfortunate, but not your fortune! 
Now, I will show you the number of broken links, pages that returned 4XX status code upon request, images with no ALT text, pages with no meta description tag, not having a unique meta description, having a too long title, etc., found in your Too many issues to worry about!
If this is something you are interested in, then allow me to send you a no obligation audit report in the form of VIDEO.
Best Regards,
Ryan McNeill
Marketing Consultant
This was my reply!
Ryan, whilst I might need to learn some SEO  skills you would do well to learn some business skills! Try googling ” Build them up, knock them down”
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