Care for the elderly

a picture of two hospital beds and a walking frame between them.

Despite the revelations of poor patient care standards in the Stafford hospital it is still being revealed that basic care for the elderly is lacking in many are homes and hospitals.

This is not a new issue, my mother in law was in hospital for 16 weeks and on occasions she was left with her food tray in front of her. She had two broken color bones and was blind. I fortunately was able to visit daily and feed her.

These are fundamental issues and easy to address with adequate staffing levels. However with all institutions focusing on costs, simple tasks to make the lives of our elderly more comfortable in hospital and care homes is still being ignored in some instances.

The report found that in addressing the needs of patients for dignity and nutrition one in five hospitals failed.

Here follows a short interview from BBC reporter Dominique Hughes.

This video has come from the BBC News website

Basic care for the elderly in hospitals and care homes in England is still not good enough, the regulator says.

The Care Quality Commission report, based on a snapshot of services, found about a third failed to meet all the standards for nutrition and dignity.


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