Blue Badge eligibility

A sign showing disabled badge holders and a Parking PBlue Badge eligibility

Blue Badges entitled  severely disabled drivers and passengers  to make use of concessionary parking spaces. The scheme provides a national range of parking concessions for disabled people with severe mobility problems who have difficulty using public transport.

It is designed to enable independent travel as a driver or passenger and to allow them to park as close to their chosen destination as possible.

The Blue Badge scheme applies only to on-street parking and does not apply to any off street parking such as supermarket car parks or privately owned roads such as those found at airports.

Are you eligible for a blue badge.

Fitting certain criteria automatically ensure someones entitlement to a Blue Badge. If someone is in receipt of

  • The higher rate of Mobility Component  of the Disability Living allowance
  • Is registered Blind
  • or receives a War Pensioners’ mobility supplement.

Other people who may qualify for  a blue badge include those who have a permanent and substantial disability meaning they cannot walk or which makes walking very difficult.

For anyone applying for a Blue Badge under this criterion you will need to show that

  • You are unable to walk
  • You have a physical disability that means you are unable to walk very far without experiencing severe discomfort ….or
  • The physical effort needed to walk could damage your health.

How to apply for a Blue Badge

The Blue Badge scheme is administered by local authorities and they should be contacted directly with inquiries or information about the scheme.

The Blue Badge is a two sided card with a space for a photograph of the badge holder on the back, two recent photos are needed with the application, both photos need to be signed.

contact find your local council.


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