Bio Bidet, toilet seat and bidet in one.

this image shows the words bio in blue and bidet in grey and a flower shape coming out of the i of Bio.The bio Bidet is a toilet seat, bidet and dryer all in one, ideal for the elderly or disabled.

The bio Bidet is an exciting new toilet seat containing a bidet with dryer and additional functions such as a water jet enema to help stimulate bowel movements.

It is the first electronic bidet seek to be approved by the Water regulations advisory scheme. Similar products are highly illegal as they may contaminate the water supply.

The bio Bidet can replace most conventional toilet seats converting a standard toilet into a shower toilet enabling users to wash and blow dry after using the toilet.

Press buttons on the control panel are used to activate and adjust the variable settings to suit personal preferences for temperature and pressure-controlled washing and blow-drying. A spray nozzle extends from the bio Bidet seat to the required position to provide a gentle stream of aerated warm water.

At the end of the wash cycle, the nozzle retracts allowing the warm air-drying cycle to be activated. The nozzle self-cleans automatically before and after use. 

Here is a demo video showing the bio Bidet in action. Don’t worry there are no human demonstrators.

They are available in the UK now and are being marketed by PDS hygiene.



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