5 ways to prevent a fall

this image shows someone elderly who has fallen

5 ways to prevent a fall

Did you realise you loose 30% of our muscle strength between the ages of 50 and 70. This can however be counteracted by regular physical activity with the current guideline being 30 minutes, 5 times per week. Gardening, cycling, housework and walking all count towards this allocation. Yoga and t’ai chi are also particularly good for balance and studies have shown that classes cut falls in the over 65’s by 26%.

  • Older eyes ( age 60) need 3 times more light than those of a 2o year old and it is an idea to swop low wattage bulbs for brighter LED or halogen ones and light near you will always be brighter than ┬áceiling light.
  • Fall proof the home. Remove worn or frayed carpet or if this is not an option, tape it down using a thick heavy duty tape. Ensure wires are tucked away safely, walking sticks stowed safely and clear clutter. Also ensure bedding is not trailing on the floor.
  • Ask for a medication review. 36% of all those aged over 75 are taking more than 4 prescription medications and some such are associated with dizziness. These include drugs for high blood pressure and heart conditions.
  • Strengthen your bones. Calcium is important but so is magnesium and Vitamin D. A diet full of milk, cheese, yoghurt, leafy veg, pulses, beans, dried fruit and oily fish is recommended to help bones.


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